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2021 resolution: Start designing

At a time of volatility, it is harder and harder for brands to plan for the long term. It's both a blessing and a curse, with some brands starting during quarantine, and others on a steep decline during the Pandemic. There are definitely challenges facing the market, but it's also a great time to design. As we work from home, there is more time and space to design online, sell online and grow your business. At Clutch Made we offer free calls, online courses and design consults that will get your side hustle, hobby or accessory business bustling in 2021. There is no excuse now to wait until next year, or keep your side hustle as a side gig.

The consumer market is shopping more consciously than ever before. Locally made products and local designers are being supported more than ever, and loyalty for local businesses is growing. So make it your 2021 resolution to start designing. Turn your passion or dream into a marketable business with good social media and ecommerce. In the new age of local businesses, have a team of professionals behind you. Clutch Made offers services from start to finish of building your business. Whether you want design guidance, sourcing, sampling or social media after the production of your accessories, our team will work with you to get your project rolling in 2021.

Take that extra time you have at home in 2021 and push into the locally made market while there is still a huge growth trend so you can establish your brand. Head to Clutch Made to find out more about our services.


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