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4 Tips for Taking a Good iPhone Picture

Taking high quality photographs doesn't require you to have a DSLR camera anymore. Thanks to the improvement of technology, we can use our smartphones to take pictures! It's just as easy as that. Whip out your phones and start snapping when the opportunity comes. Here are a few tips to use the best of your phones ability to take professional pictures. 

1. Keep your pictures simple

By decluttering your images and leaving more open space int he background, the viewer can easily focus on the subject. Too many details can distract the viewer making it more difficult to create a harmonious composition. Clean and simple images go far and often appear very professional.

2. Show depth in your photos

Enhance the light and shadows in your pictures! This doesn't mean sharpening your images until they look grainy (unless that's your aesthetic!). Draw the viewers attention to the scene to engage them more, especially for landscapes. If possible, try to include subjects in the foreground, middle ground and background; this will make your images appear more 3-dimensional. 

3. Close-up shots

Yes! It's time to get up close and personal. Don't just zoom in with your camera because that can easily ruin the quality of the photo. Move the object closer or stand closer to the subject. Focus on the texture and color of the material to bring your photos to life. With natural lighting, the iPhone can capture some sharp images. Avoid using flash and play with the lighting on your phone by sliding your finger up and down on the screen. 

4. Download Snapseed

Photo editing is just as important as taking the initial picture. Snapseed is a free photo editing app made for Android and iPhone. It's not only easy to use but also gives you the same result as Adobe Lightroom but for free! Just swipe up and down to choose which effect you want then swipe left to right to choose the intensity of that effect. Once you're satisfied with the results, you can also export straight from Snapseed to Instagram.

Now go out there are start shooting! Rules are meant to be broken but these are just some useful tips to keep in mind. :) 

Post by Amanda Wang

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Thank you for the article! With the help of the application that you indicated in your article, the photos became much better, it literally takes five minutes. By the way, not long ago I started a YouTube channel and started posting videos that I shot on an iPhone. Before publishing my video, I needed to change the resolution, I went online and studied how to change video aspect ratio. Now I don't have any problems with content by combining your app and video editing.
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