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Tech packs for your products

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Hi there!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to see a product go from an idea to a finished product? My name is Koko and I assist with product development here at the Clutch Made Factory. I'm going to give you sneak peeks into what a day in the life of a product developer is like.

Today we're going to talk about the process behind tech packs.

The way tech packs start is from a concept. Many people have an rough idea of what they want their product to look like but have trouble imagining the greater picture. We sit down with clients and listen to how they want their product to function, rough measurements, and smaller details and then move on to creating the first round of tech packs for them.

It's necessary to have every detail of a design mapped out in a tech pack. This way all kinks in the design are worked out before a sample is even made. It is always best to practice defect prevention rather than defect detection as it cuts costs and reduces waste--sustainability!

Something that is important is being able to draw multiple views of the product. These are usually front, side, 3/4, bottom, above, and if needed, interior views of the bag. This helps the client, tech pack (TP) designer, and sample maker get a 360 degree understanding of the bag before it is even created.

It is always very exciting for a client to see their vision begin to take shape. Sometimes a TP executes a client's vision perfectly on the first go. Other times, adjustments such as handle drops, pocket location and angle, zipper details, and so forth need to be made.

The way a handle is drawn can greatly affect the way we perceive a product. Above is the initial drawing of a bag's handle. It looks alright but something's a To the right is the modified version of the same handles with added measurements and a more accurate silhouette of how the handles will actually look.

This is just a glimpse into what goes into making a tech pack. Attention to detail, understanding of bag construction, and general handbag knowledge is key for TP designers. It is a true skill that can take years to develop to reach the level of experienced professionals.

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