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With international travel a memory of the past and a hope for the near future, consumers are starting to realise the importance of making locally and shopping small businesses. Whether it's our sudden change in what's important, or it's a return to the realisation of the value of American making, habits and behaviours are set to adjust in the near future. As a factory who helps everyday Americans make in the USA, we are proud to be all American, and welcome this adjustment wholeheartedly. So what does that mean for small businesses though? There are already so many great American Made institutions and companies, and many more are likely to come out of it. But perhaps there is now a push to spotlight and embrace the full potential of these platforms.

That's why this weeks blog is dedicated to all things #madeintheusa. We have a wonderful plethora of contacts and connections in this world, so we thought it equally important to highlight these businesses and continue to grow connections and strengthen the #americanmade movement. We have curated a list of some of our absolute favorites below and hope that you connect, are inspired and challenge yourself to #makeintheusa.

American Made platforms to follow:

The Made in America Movement

The Made in America Movement (MAM) is the unified voice of American companies. MAM represents 20,000 American sourced companiesand has520,000 active consumer members. We are the leading objective, independent, non-partisan, organization dedicated to promoting American businesses and the families that rely on them.

Makers Row

Browse through 11,000 U.S. manufacturers across dozens of industries.

Search by location, response rate, or capabilities. Choose the right factory by reviewing pictures, videos, and reference samples on factory profile. Message factories to request an estimate, book a consultation, or simply introduce yourself. Create a Project to organize all your product ideas and details. Send your Project to your favorite factories as a reference. Not finding the right factory? Make your Project public so factories can find you!

Lisa Say Gah

"One of the best things about Lisa Says Gah, now five years running, is that it brings independent female designers from all over the world into one accessible fashion haven with an anti-fast fashion ethos."  

V Mora

At V.Mora, we fully embrace this side of you. For over 10 years, we've helped dozens of driven designers just like you find their way. We are experts at coaching and helping emerging fashion talent in the USA.


Exquisitely handcrafted custom handbags, manufactured in New York City, delivered in less than 21 days. Individuality has its own status.

Made in NYC

Made in NYC supports thousands of New York City’s manufacturers by giving them the tools to grow their companies. We foster local entrepreneurial innovation because we see the value in high-quality, locally-made goods which nurture local economies. We help brands making everything from hot sauce to handbags to bicycles to tell their stories. We unite companies and entrepreneurs as a community to support their endeavors.

Mrs American Made

I love clothing, and one of my favorite places is my closet of wonderful #madeinUSA things. Some days I try on many outfits, and I plan them from head to toe. Other days I just throw on something that I already know works. I am not a model. I am not a super-duper, high-end fashionista. I am just a mom In Boulder, CO, trying to look cute on an everyday basis. Join me on my journey to creating a more sustainable wardrobe.

Made in NY Fashion

What is Made in NY: Fashion? A public initiative. With guidance and oversight from the Mayor’s Office, Made in NY: Fashion lives within New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), the City’s primary engine for driving economic growth, entrepreneurship, and job creation.

Made in NY: Fashion serves as an anchor for all facets of the City’s fashion landscape in order to strengthen its sense of community. Join the community.

American Made Matters

Founded on July 4, 2009, American Made Matters® is a movement to strengthen the American dream. We educate consumers on the powerful importance of buying Made in USA* products. Our members are American manufacturers who represent various industries from apparel and toys to steel fabrication and cleaning supplies. Sponsors include American made patriotic organizations, service organizations, and local businesses who understand that American made truly matters. Please join our community today.

Cut & Crafted

Showing the best of local makers, we create events and popups with a local focus, crafting unique experiences you don't want to miss. Our markets feature local makers, artisanal foods and drinks, interactive elements, kids activities, great music, and good times for the whole family.

Utility Goods

Utility Goods specializes in gifts prioritizing functionality, craftsmanship and simplicity above all else. For men, women and children,Utility Goods has the unique brands and products that make gift giving simple.


Artis, the Latin word for "skill, method, technique," recognized that the entire category of beauty tools was based on an "artist-applies-to-the-canvas" premise—someone applying product on someone/something else. How different is the experience when the artist is the canvas?

The answer is: a totally different beauty paradigm. Artis brought a disruptive perspective to the process of makeup self-application, to design and create a new category of beauty tools which enable a more intuitive, beautiful and ergonomic experience. 

Do you want to connect with us or collaborate? Contact today to get a feature rolling!

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