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Brand Vs. Product: What comes first?

Ahhh.... the great debate of building a marketable brand in the USA. Which comes first, the brand or the product? We thought it would be the perfect time to discuss our thoughts and share our over thirty years experience in manufacturing. Why? Because whilst we all #selfisolate and #socialdistance we can use this time as an opportunity to be productive, creative and bring our #sidehustle to life. So why now and why in the USA with Clutch Made? #itmatters to #makeintheusa. It's important now more than ever that we start making local, buying local and supporting local. Not only does it contribute to small businesses, jobs and the economy but it is also more ethical, economical and sustainable!

So what are our thoughts on #brandvsproduct you may ask? It can be quite a tough question, and not because it's tough to answer, but because everyone has their own ways of beginning the process and traveling on their design journey. But with over thirty years of working in the industry paired with our experience with clients, we believe brand and product go hand in hand. You can't just have an idea for a great product and think your job is done. So what if you have a great product? Who is going to buy it? Who is it designed for? Where is it sold? There are a vast amount of brand oriented questions that you have to know in order to sell your product through the face and workings of your brand.

We believe that they pretty much go hand in hand. But the team at #clutchmadedotcom will say that it is vital to know and understand your brand BEFORE you manufacture your product, otherwise it's just a waste of time. In some ways brand comes BEFORE product because you can't design a great marketable and functioning, successful product without knowing your audience, market and where your brand exists.

So how can you work on your brand and your product together in one place, all made in the #USA? It's hard to find modern solutions to building a brand. Often in the accessory industry you'll find people to make your product, but they won't know the first thing about building your brand. That's where Clutch Made steps in. We understand brands, how to build them and how to make them marketable. After all, we build them everyday!

That is why our design consults and all of our other services will guide you through the brand AND the product journey. In order to create your dream product with you, we need to understand your brand and work with you to develop it!

Want to get started making in the USA today? Head to our services page where you will find all of our options from an initial free call to developing branded materials for your products. We'll walk you through from start to finish of building a brand a product. So what are you waiting for #itstime #makeintheusa

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