Clutch made: factory of the garment district

Read Laura Dotolo's latest feature in ITAC below;

Laura Dotolo was working as a fashion stylist in New York City during 2001, when she decided to start designing her own handbags. She began a difficult search for the perfect factory to produce her work; at the time, many handbag factories in NYC were closing, and Laura immediately saw an opportunity to open a one-stop-shop offering bag design consultations, development/manufacturing, as well as marketing and branding. She founded Clutch Made in 2012, to fulfill the needs that she had identified years earlier and help other designers launch their bag and accessory lines. From tech pack services and fabric sourcing to pattern making and full production, Clutch Made helps bring its clients’ vision to life, and handles the entire creative and manufacturing process in-house. A woman-owned and operated manufacturing company, the business also prides itself on its ability to communicate, understand, and execute – Laura is convinced that it’s what allows Clutch Made to stand out, along with the emphasis placed on educating designers along each step of the process. Following Clutch Made’s success, Laura decided to start Clutch Bags, an online curated marketplace through which she sells her own designs as well as those of her Clutch Made’ clients.

“Our company has always had a good visual sense and art direction, allowing us to shine in the digital space.”

Against all odds, COVID has been kind to Clutch Made. The company already knew how to work with its clients virtually and had its digital marketing in place to communicate with buyer