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Eco-friendly Materials For 2023

It's already the end of the year and we finally have a chance to look back and evaluate how this year played out. in regards to accessory design, we had a lot of trends and new very interesting sustainable materials! From the return of the much-loved baguette bags to big brands using alternative materials like mushroom leather, many topics have made 2022 quite a year for the world of Accessory Design. Therefore, I can say with certainty that expectations for next year are already high! So, in order to give you a little taste of what the coming year might bring when it comes to trends in the world of accessory design, I've compiled three eco-friendly materials that you can include in your new collection for 2023. Read all about them so you can get the scoop on what they are really all about.


It is not news that the 2000s are making their big comeback in the fashion world. And if you, like me, also fell in love with the clothing designs of the protagonists of romantic comedy films from that decade, you can start celebrating! This style genre promises to re-appear in fashion trends, so it's only fair to mention our dear beloved denim as the first material we suggest. When it comes to sustainability, denim is biodegradable, PERIOD. If made out of organic cotton, it can take as little as 1 to 5 months for organic cotton to completely biodegrade! Let's all keep this in mind as we choose what fabrics to design with.

Grape leather

It's no new news that alternatives to animal leather have been produced and are out on the market. Over the last few years, vegan alternatives have been on the rise, from faux leather to mushroom leather. For the year ahead, we suggest you keep an eye on grape leather. This leather is produced with repurposed waste materials coming from grapes that produce wine. Just for you to get an idea of what it takes to make this leather from grapes, 1 square meter of vegan leather can be made from the waste of 10 bottles of wine. So if you love wine or are just looking for an alternative material, grape leather is an option.

Hemp Fabric

Hemp fabric is a sustainable material that still hasn't gained the popularity it deserves! The production of this material is approximately six times more efficient than cotton and definitely has great potential to be a viable and sustainable material for design. There are several textures and patterns in which this material is produced – which can be as rough as raffia or even as similarly woven to something similar to cotton canvas. If you are looking for an innovative and sustainable material for 2023, it is worth checking hemp fabric and what is being produced with this fiber!

Whether mixing these materials together in one bag, or creating a product from just one of them, there are no limits to your creative sustainability. Grab your paper and start jotting down your ideas right away! We at the Clutch Made Factory are here to translate your ideas into reality. If you're thinking about developing a sustainable product, our Design Consult might be just what you're looking for! Book your consultation now and start developing your ideas! See you next time!


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