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How our factory gives back to education

As an all-American made and manufactured factory, we love to give back to our own New York community. In the recent wake up calls to climate change and global warming, at Clutch Made we try to minimise our footprint and global impact by donating left over or unused materials to foundations that can reuse it for different purposes.

We work with foundations like the center for the Holographic Arts, Brooklyn Acting Lab, and Chabad Early Learning Center to find new ways of giving our material a second life. The fabric that we donate gets used in different ways for each foundation. Letters that we have recieved from these places we have donated to have helped us see where our materials are going and how we have given them a second life.

To us this is design done right. The Chabad Early Learning Center is a non-profit childcare centre located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It is a non-denominational facility, accepting children from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Their philosphy is to encourage kindness, respect, compassion, confidence, and responsibility. The Chabad Early Learning Center uses our material donations for their Materials for the Arts, Department of Cultural Affairs program. In a classroom setting, these materials are used within the art centres and creates a rich and vivid classroom environment. The Materials for the Arts makes it possible for unique and creative materials to be available to children.

We like to think of our 'give back' ventures as a modern day hustle. Every company should be looking locally to source and make their materials. Give back locally so that we all are supporting our own communities and building a brighter tomorrow for the future of art, design, community and environment.

Do you want to get involved in giving back to your community? There are heaps of great organizations like FabScrap that will take your material waste and recycle it so you can give your leftovers a second life, as well as help your community and our environment.

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