make & market your product

Are YOU ready to make it in the USA? The big two questions you need to ask yourself before getting started will be answered in this blog, so keep reading below for more!

How do you make your product?

Get started today with a free call. It's important to know your team, understand how they work and have a clear idea, timeframe and budget. Once you decide on working with Clutch Made Factory, you can head to our services page to check out all that we offer. Depending on what stage you are at, we would recommend either the design consult or the online course. This will help you navigate and understand the steps, tools and time you will need to manufacture your dream product in the USA.

After this, you can check out our other services, starting with a tech pack consultation. Once you have a developed tech pack, we will source your materials, develop a sample and you can review everything before production! Now you're ready to take your product to market.