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meet the makers: Christian Melecio

This week meet Christian Melecio, the designer behind Melecio Y Vega making the question of "why does this product cost so much?" obsolete. In his designs, quality materials and ethically made products are at the fore front of high end fashion. Living in Chicago, Illinois, Melecio questions fast fashion and conformity and delivers collections that share a message of purpose and quality. As a Latino making locally made products in the USA, Melecio strives to bring recognition to culture, craft, sustainability and ethics in the fast-paced world of fashion and style. Read below to find out more about his experience with Clutch Made Factory so far, or head to our instagram to watch him speak on working with our team.

What inspired you to reach out to Clutch Made to start or develop your business journey?

I made contact with Laura & the team because I’ve been struggling to get my ideas to come to life with other companies. My first attempt came out botched & the products could be found on Google Images after searching “trash”. The second company I went with wasn’t trustworthy & breached our contract. Guess the saying is true, third time’s the charm. I was reluctant at first but now I see how I would’ve regretted not working with Clutch Made.

Describe your brand and your products in 5 words or less.

Minimalist, Quality, Unconventional, Exclusive, Reputable (once established of course).

Tell us a little bit more about what inspires and drives your brand.

My brand is a representation of me & my ideas not just within fashion & design, but core beliefs & statements I’d like to make. The world currently allows fast fashion to exist, conformity to be normal & fashion houses to create cheap products for the sake of wearing a logo which is accessible to anybody who can afford it. I strive to make collections with a message or purpose behind them, quality products that can last a life time or that have longevity in life & worth & I’d like to create pieces that are low in quantities to establish exclusivity for my core following while also contributing to less waste in an industry which is responsible for pollution. My dream is to see my brand being represented by consumers using their personal style while also bringing recognition to American made products by a Latino. 

How has your experience been bringing your products to life with Clutch Made?

By far the best experience I’ve had. Still strategizing to get the launch to come to fruition but I’m confident it’ll happen soon with the Clutch Made team at my side to support me. 

What sets your products apart in the world of American Made accessories?

I’m trying to establish American made luxury goods. Most US based brands that target the same markets usually do their production overseas to cut corners. As someone who has worked in high end retail for many years, I still hear consumers asking “why does this product cost so much?”. I’m getting ready to make that question obsolete & establish an understanding with quality materials & ethics. 

If you could give one piece of advice to emerging designers what would it be?

Curb your enthusiasm. I know that sounds terrible & counter productive to getting your ideas out there but really take time to research & perfect your craft. I rushed into my process & made mistakes (as stated above). Had I waited & studied, I’d have thousands more in my budget to contribute to my company. If you need help & are overwhelmed, Clutch Made also assists in development. Whatever your approach is, just ensure you’re well prepared rather than guns blazing. I wish you success & longevity 🙏🏽.

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