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Sample Making 101 – How To Make Your Sample From Scratch

Sample Making is one of the most important steps before you move into production. A sample is a prototype of your accessory – you can see how your ideas look like in real life and, if necessary, make small adjustments to reach the perfect accessory for you to sell. But how do you get there?

There are crucial steps that are needed before making your sample. The first one is having your idea set: think about styles, colors, materials… You need to make sure that you’re creating a product that is optimized for the market you’re targeting and that is also coherent with your own brand. Having a business plan and a great design is essential before you make your sample.

That is why we at the Clutch Made Factory offer the Design Consult – we go over your design and we also give you professional insight regarding your business. Our Design Consult will guide you through the base of it all, and prepare you fully for the next steps.

After you have everything planned, it’s time to move on to the Tech Pack Creation. It is important to create a Tech Pack that will communicate all of the details to your manufacturer. Our designers create intricate documents that help you visualize how your product will look and they serve as a guide to turn your ideas into tangible products later on.

If you have your Tech Pack ready, it’s time to move on to sourcing. This step is 100% necessary, as using the right materials is the key to creating high quality accessories. Our team has years of expertise and connection with the best vendors in the USA. We will locate the best materials for your sample – from hardware to the type of leather or fabric that you’ll be using.

And finally you’re ready to make your sample! We at the Clutch Made Factory pride ourselves in making the best samples in the US. Our team of experts will walk you through it and ensure that the entire process is as smooth as it can be. If you want to start creating your sample, make sure to check our special Bundle #3 that contains all of our essential services for you to create your own sample in the USA. Book a call with our team and get started today!

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