• Rylie Cooke


As we continue to #socialdistance and #selfisolate, now is the time more than ever to be creative, keep ourselves busy and pursue goals and passions. We often have clients come in who have a dream, a passion, a hobby or a side hustle, but don't know where to start. At #clutchmadedotcom we work with clients one on one to step them through the process of creating marketable accessories in the #USA. So what is it about tech packs that are so important?

A tech pack is an understanding of your product and how you can get started producing and manufacturing that product. The tech pack includes an illustrated drawing with measurements and instructions that a manufacturer needs to turn your design into a product. This step is vital to a designer as it helps you take your drawing on paper and bring it to life.

The teck pack is an essential part of the product development process and is drawn proportionally so you are able to see if the product will indeed be designed for the purpose you intended. It's an incredibly important step to defining your product as it will save money and time as you move forward with your sample when you have a professionally made tech pack.

At Clutch Made we have a team of highly experienced product development industry professionals who will work with you in bringing you sketch or idea to life. If you have the idea and the passion, we have the tools and services you need to get started. Head to #clutchmadedotcom to find all of our services and start developing your tech pack today.

We are here to work with you during the entire design process. We will assist you in formulating all your dimensions, details, hardware choices, functionality and the materials for your product.  The design process is the necessary first step that will lead you to the sample of your product.

Don't have time yet to take your side hustle into a full time project? You can check out our online course or schedule a free call with us today to get your project rolling!