You’ve done mood boards, tech packs, sourced, sampled, and produced. Now what? What do you do once your product is finished? Here at #clutchmadefactory we don’t want to just get you from point A to B. We want to see you all the way through to Z. Which is why we have our specialized list of services to help you create not only your dream product, but your dream brand as well.

Building a website and a social media presence is an uphill battle for any up and upcoming entrepreneur. Here at Clutch Made we are happy to help you get your start in the marketplace, starting with a website.

Our team will work with you on obtaining a domain, and building out your perfect site. We use an easy to maintain platform, that we will design and implement for you. We want to make sure that you are able update and make changes to your site as you please. Which is why we will show you how to maintain and upkeep your site. We also supply