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what is a tech pack?

As we bring you our weekly blog during #isolation we wanted to run through some of our services that we are still offering in the #usa! It's the perfect time to get started making, especially as the importance of making locally grows daily. So we sat down with our team at #clutchmadedotcom to discuss all things tech packs and why they are so important to your design process. We offer our services with professional and experienced tech pack designers, just head to our site today.

What is a tech pack? Perhaps and arguably the most important step, a tech pack helps you bring your idea to life. You may have a sketch on paper but it's hard to bring that to reality. A professional tech pack will help you understand the product and how to get started producing your accessory. The tech pack includes an illustrated drawing with measurements and instructions that a manufacturer needs to turn your design into a product.

Why do you need one? The tech pack is an essential part of the product development process and is drawn proportionally so you are able to see if the product will indeed be designed for the purpose you intended. It will save you much money and time as you move forward with your sample. It also allows your design team and manufacturers to bring your product to life and understand your idea and product better to transition it seamlessly into production.

How do you get started developing one? At Clutch Made we have a team of highly experienced product development industry professionals who will work with you in bringing you sketch or idea to life. If you have the idea and the passion, we have the tools and services you need to get started. Head to #clutchmadedotcom to find all of our services and start developing your tech pack today.


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