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Accessory Design Online Course


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How to Get Started Making Accessories in the USA

How do you do it? At Clutch Made we provide manufacturing services to get you started developing and making your accessories in the USA.  But we understand that life can get busy sometimes. That's why we have created  an online course that will let you take your passion from dream to product, all without leaving your own home. Take your time, work through it when it suits you, and take one step forward to building a solid business platform for your soon-to-be marketable product. All made in the USA.

This course will take your passion from idea to marketable product, whether it's your side hustle, your new career or a your favorite hobby. It will teach you all you need to know about making accessories in the USA.


Click here to get started with the course or shop it on our online store.

For other questions, contact us here.

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