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ABOUt us

Designing, developing and manufacturing so many different products for our clients is a natural extension of everything Laura has been doing during her design career over the last 20 years in New York City. She started as a fashion stylist here and has always found Manhattan to be the perfect canvas on which to create. She feels that there is always a hum on the streets here, a hum that gets into your veins, and motivates you to bring to fruition a dream. She shares that passion with every new client she meets.


Her experience styling for clients like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, In Style and Oprah as well as a bevy of similar fashion brands has taught her that sometimes the trends being depicted are not what consumers really want over time. By being able to shape the fashion trend of the moment in her styling career, she has learned how to work with our clients to tailor and develop products that have tremendous appeal in the marketplace. As a manufacturer herself of her own line of handbags found at, she has learned the trade secrets in sourcing materials, designing products, and creating good profit margins. This expertise  has our clients returning to us again and again with their manufacturing, design and product development needs. Made in USA pays!

Laura Dotolo


Clutch Made bio edit.jpg

Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Luane has been interested in fashion since she was just a kid sewing doll clothes. This passion intensified while living in New York City and studying Fashion Design at Parsons.


For her, fashion and accessories are a way to express yourself and communicate without words. When she’s designing something, Luane goes for a feminine yet simple aesthetic, inspired by the possibility to make someone else’s day better with pieces that bring beauty and practicality to women. Even though she loves everything related to the fashion industry, her favorite part is production, where you can take a drawing and a piece of fabric and make them come alive.


Besides fashion designing, Luane also loves to explore the city with her friends, hang out with her dog and order takeout to eat while binge watching her favorite shows.

Luane Miguel

Project Design Manager


Srishti Dhawan


Born in Delhi, India, Srishti has always loved designing. She has a dual degree in fashion design, graduating Summa Cum Laude from the Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY, as well as being an award winning gold medalist from The National Institute of Fashion Technology in India.


Living in the global fashion capital of New York City has helped Srishti discover the nuances of fashion while being amongst the best of global talent.


Designing for Srishti means getting inspired, imbibing and expressing her emotions within it. She loves designing accessories, which she feels go beyond apparel and add essential value to the overall ambience, mood and occasion of dressing. Accessories that accentuate the overall fashion ensemble is what she strives to accomplish when designing. With a minimalistic design approach, she intends to convey her ideas in the “less is more” style.


Ever since she was a five year old child, the sense of balance, rhythm, proportion and symmetry were instilled in her through the practice of ballet.


When she’s not working, she loves spending time exploring the city streets and enjoys taking peaceful walks in landscaped parks under the bright sun.

Kat Yasuda Assistant Designer

Born in Curitiba, Brazil, Kat Yasuda has been passionate about creating ever since she was a child. Her thirst for creativity became the main motivation for her to start her design studies. Ever since she began those studies, Kat has been exploring and applying different fields within the design world, such as Graphic Design, Product Design, Illustration, Surface Design and Photography.  

Kat continues working with a variety of brands, developing logos and designs relevant to the client’s art direction.  As she looks to the future, she plans on working with projects that focus on sustainability and inclusivity.  

When she is not working, Kat likes to investigate new artists and brands and can be found exploring new coffee shops around town.  

Kat Yasuda

Branding and Marketing Project Manager


Born in San Diego, California, Karyme says she was extremely influenced by being raised in Tijuana, Mexico and enjoyed the experience of being a part of both cultures.

When it came time to choosing a college, Karyme had her heart set on relocating to NYC and attending Parson’s School of Design. Now that she has landed, her journey there includes the all encompassing major of Strategic Design and Management, with a minor in Design Studies.


Karyme says she enjoys creating images, whether it is photography, or creating videos. Social Media platforms from TikTok to Instagram embody her audience and justify her creativity.  When not studying or working, you’ll find Karyme indulging herself in one of her many hobbies, some of which include dancing, working out and social snacking with friends. When asked what she loves about NYC, she says, “there is always something new to explore and visit, so it never gets old.”

Karyme Portilla

Social Media Intern

Our master artisan Young Choi comes to Clutch Made from South Korea where he worked as an engineer before moving to New York to pursue his artful profession.


A family man with two children, Young Choi is a natural leader at our New York City factory. Apart from his knowledge of mixing the finest colors of paint for precise edge painting, Young Choi is our very own Jack in the Beanstalk, having nurtured an ivy plant that drapes the entire length of the Clutch Made factory.

What Young likes best about this city? "New York has given me the opportunity to develop and master my craft. I love the diversity within the city, and my Korean community in Queens. And of course, Korean barbecue!"

Young Choi

Master Artisan

A man of few words and many talents, Mr. Kim has mastered the art of sewing leather handbags throughout his 40 + years in the craft.  His expertise and vigilante attention to detail have earned him the accolade as one of the key contributors to our Clutch Made Team.


When not at the factory, Mr. Kim spends his time in Flushing Queens, where he enjoys his church and restaurant communities. If you have any questions about where to eat in Flushing, Mr. Kim is the go-to man.  He knows all of the spots and secret hole-in-the-wall restaurants for everything Korean.


When asked what he enjoys most about New York City, Mr. Kim immediately replies, “taking walks with my lovely wife”.

Mr. Kim

Master Artisan

Patty, as she is known at Clutch Made, is all Pace University business mixed with a large splash of fun!  A Jersey Girl through and through, Patty enjoys the Jersey Shore, staying fit, beaching it and reading all!  When not making plans to go to the movies, it is most likely she is out on the town heading for Italian food instead.


On the business side, Patty keeps all our accounting records in impeccable order so we can maintain our everyday schedule at the factory and keep all services moving along in a timely and efficient manner.  If ever a question arises in regards to invoicing and billing, Patty is your go to Clutch Made Team member.


Patty’s take on the energy of New York City” “Always something to do at anytime of the day or night”.

Patricia Saggio 


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