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Designing, developing and manufacturing so many different products for our clients is a natural extension of everything I have been doing in my Design career over the last 20 years in New York City. I started as a fashion stylist here and have always found Manhattan to be the perfect canvas on which to create. There is always a hum on the streets here, a hum that gets into your veins, and motivates you to bring to fruition a dream. I share that passion with every new client I meet.


My experience styling for clients like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, In Style and a bevy of similar fashion magazines has taught me that sometimes the trends being depicted are not what consumers really want over time. By being able to shape the fashion trend of the moment in my styling career, I have learned how to help our clients tailor and develop products that have tremendous appeal in the marketplace. As a manufacturer myself of my own line of handbags found at ClutchBags.com, I have learned the trade secrets in sourcing materials, designing products, and creating good profit margins. This has helped our clients return to us again and again with their manufacturing, design and product development needs. Made in USA pays!

Laura Dotolo


Ana comes to Clutch Made from Curitiba, Brazil, as our head product designer. After moving to New York and taking a year at Parsons School of Design, she fell in love with the energy of the City.

She loves working with all kinds of people and believes that winged eyeliner can make you feel like you’re capable of anything.

Although you can find almost anything you'll ever need in New York, there is one thing that Ana feels the city is missing; homemade Brazilian food.

Asked what she loves best about product design Ana says “I love making things that will make people happy. From the beginning of the process to the final product, the goal is to create something that people will enjoy looking at as well as using.”

Ana Petri

Product Developer 

Rylie Cooke moved to New York from Australia to study at Parsons School of Design in the hopes of one day owning her own design company.


She has many passions in the design world including: graphic design, fashion, art, travel, photography, videography, and writing. She has worked for Country Road Australia (visual merchandising), Whitewall magazine (fashion-journalism/graphic-design), Rixo London (graphic-design/photography/videography), and is currently the assistant social media manager at Clutch Made.


In her spare time she can be found in the West Village drinking coffee, eating Magnolia cupcakes and patting French Bulldogs.

Rylie Cooke

Asst. Social Media Manager

Rachelle Saker has come to join the Clutch Made Team from Detroit, Michigan. Rachelle studies Design and Management and French Studies at Parsons School of Design. 


She is anxious to further her understanding of how to sustainably merge creative minds with ideas and products into the business world. Along with that, she is passionate about entrepreneurship.  She hopes to one day create products that consumers could never have imagined they had a use for.


In her spare time, she can be found along New York City’s lovely waterfront or in the midst of Central Park exploring the hidden secrets of the city. 

Rachelle Saker

Asst. Project Manager

Bella LaMartina, originally from Buffalo, NY, is currently pursuing a BFA Product Design degree at Parsons School of Design. Bella works in a variety of media, incorporating both computer-aided design programs and hand fabrication methods. She loves to design and personally fabricate jewelry, ceramics, bags, and furniture, believing in the intrinsic value of handmade objects.


Bella wholeheartedly embraces the responsibility that coincides with being a designer. She is always looking to further her knowledge of ethical and sustainable practices and is constantly incorporating these practices into her design work and day-to-day life. Her goal is to use art and design to create real, impactful differences in the current social, political, and environmental landscape.


Bella cannot imagine life without a means of artistic expression. Whether it is in the form of hand embroidering a denim jacket, getting her zen on in the yoga room, or cooking delicious vegan meals, Bella’s definition of artistic expression is all-encompassing and ever evolving.

Bella LaMartina

Product Developer

Our master artisan Young Choi comes to Clutch Made from South Korea where he worked as an engineer before moving to New York to pursue his artful profession.


A family man with two children, Young Choi is a natural leader at our New York City factory. Apart from his knowledge of mixing the finest colors of paint for precise edge painting, Young Choi is our very own Jack in the Beanstalk, having nurtured an ivy plant that drapes the entire length of the Clutch Made factory.

What Young likes best about this city? "New York has given me the opportunity to develop and master my craft. I love the diversity within the city, and my Korean community in Queens. And of course, Korean barbecue!"

Young Choi

Master Artisan

A man of few words and many talents, Mr. Kim has mastered the art of sewing leather handbags throughout his 40 + years in the craft.  His expertise and vigilante attention to detail have earned him the accolade as one of the key contributors to our Clutch Made Team.


When not at the factory, Mr. Kim spends his time in Flushing Queens, where he enjoys his church and restaurant communities. If you have any questions about where to eat in Flushing, Mr. Kim is the go-to man.  He knows all of the spots and secret hole-in-the-wall restaurants for everything Korean.


When asked what he enjoys most about New York City, Mr. Kim immediately replies, “taking walks with my lovely wife”.

Mr. Kim

Master Artisan

Patty, as she is known at Clutch Made, is all Pace University business mixed with a large splash of fun!  A Jersey Girl through and through, Patty enjoys the Jersey Shore, staying fit, beaching it and reading all!  When not making plans to go to the movies, it is most likely she is out on the town heading for Italian food instead.


On the business side, Patty keeps all our accounting records in impeccable order so we can maintain our everyday schedule at the factory and keep all services moving along in a timely and efficient manner.  If ever a question arises in regards to invoicing and billing, Patty is your go to Clutch Made Team member.


Patty’s take on the energy of New York City” “Always something to do at anytime of the day or night”.

Patricia Saggio