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Phenomenal Team and Price for Designers

I had an idea for an innovative bag design that was stuck on paper for over a year. Fortunately I met Laura and her team at Clutch Made who regularly transfer dreams into reality. If you're seeking a factory that can operate efficiently, under short time frames at a reasonable market cost, please look no further than Clutch Made for a truly professional design experience.

- Charlie

Incredibly Helpful and Responsive

I've never worked with American factories and needed some help. Clutch is extremely responsive and willing to work with you throughout every step of the production process, whether you're a total beginner or a seasoned veteran. Clutch is phenomenal.

- Justin

Awesome company!

I am in the very beginning phase of starting my line. In searching for factories, it was important to me that the response time be timely as it's a reflection, to me, of how easy or difficult it could possibly be to work with certain people. Clutch responded immediately to every message I sent in a very professional and personable way. In the end, my designs weren't actually something they could accommodate, but they were so very helpful along the way. They even referred me to another factory that could possibly help me. I don't expect companies to perform miracles by any means or complete production "yesterday", but I would expect someone to respond quickly and let me know what to expect throughout production. I believe anyone could expect nothing but the best with Clutch in regards to communication. I'm so thankful for their time and help!!!!

- Alisha

Great factory!

Laura runs a fantastic company....prompt communication, professional service, and amazingly fast turnaround times.

I received my sample in less than 3 days after sending her all of the hardware and materials. That's simply unheard of in this industry! The quality is superb. I definitely recommend!

- Bridget

 I don’t mind paying more since it’s in New York.

 I just want to work with someone I can connect face to face with and build a team. Appreciate your help. Your site looks amazing.

- Noel

On Receipt of First Sample:

Just got it!  Love it and love your notes to go with it. So  excited and we are absolutely close and headed in right direction. I am thrilled and will take some time and send comments/ideas over soon.  Thank you so much for helping me bring an idea to life.

- Todd

I love my bag !! It is everything I envisioned it to be . The quality is great, the chain belt is durable , and the leather is so smooth. Can we discuss moving forward and what the next steps are?

- Dolly Lama

I was able to receive the sample  and think it looks great!

- Elena

I received my bag today and I am OBSESSED with it.  I can't tell you how amazed I am by the level of professionalism that I experienced working with you and your talented team! You literally took an idea and brought it to life, and I have no words to describe how cool I think that is.  I will be admiring my bag for the next few days while I think about my next steps.

- Farah

Oh my gosh, YOU DID IT!

My new sample is just what I asked for; thank you.

- Karey

On Consultations:

I'm even more inspired after our call - great questions

and guidance!

- Leslie

Laura, I truly enjoyed meeting with you last night!  Your down-to- earth disposition made it easy for me to express myself.  I recognize that this is novel in the "industry," and I am thrilled that I found you!  I felt that you were on the same page as me regarding my business goals, and that you "got me," in terms of my style.  I felt sincere interpersonal support from you, as an individual and an entrepreneur.  


The Clutch Made tagline- "The factory you can talk to," is fitting!

- Robyn

It was so great meeting with you today. This has been such an informative process thus far. I can’t wait for what’s to come.

- Dotti

I wanted to thank you for your help yesterday.  Our appointment (design consultation) was super helpful.

- Nicole

On Sourcing and Production:

I wanted to let you know the wallets are wonderful! Really

beautiful work. Stitching is so clean and beautiful. The leather is so soft I just want to snuggle up to it. The stamps are clean and perfect. Thank you for turning it around so fast.

- Ralph

What a day!!!

   The bags arrived first thing and I was overjoyed!  They are beautiful!  Thank you and your team for all you did to make this happen.

- Linda

All of the boxes arrived yesterday. Thank you so very much for your work in making the totes. I think the  the craftsmanship is magnificent, like my first shipment. Please pass my gratitude on to all, including the artisans.

- Gail

On Sample Development:

Hey Laura!

 Got the sample on Saturday. Love love love it! Great quality and craftsmanship.

- Michael

I absolutely love it! You really brought my ideas to life

- Esther

Your company is awesome and I'm excited as things are finally coming to life! Thank you so much Laura,  I truly appreciate all you have done and continue to do!  Words are not enough.

- Renee

The sample just arrived and it looks AMAZING! I love it, the craftsmanship is wonderful.

- Cheryl

The bags are absolutely amazing! You should be so proud. I am beyond thrilled with how these samples look.

Thank you!

- Emmaly

I am sure you know this but your team is absolutely phenomenal.  I have enjoyed working with each member of your team thus far and they have made this process seamless and enjoyable.

- Ellis

On Production Management

We can't be happier with the way you stand behind your products. The difference between Clutch and “the competition” has been - well, let's be honest - you're in different leagues. You've been a breath of fresh air.

- Meghan

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