3 Money-Saving Tips For Startups

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

saving money
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We all know starting a business can be slightly intimidating and rather expensive. The best way to overcome this is creating a plan. So how do you do it without breaking the bank? Here are 3 valuable strategies that we'd like to offer up that can be used to help launch and grow your company at a minimal cost!

1) Free consulting services

SCORE is a nonprofit organization that will offer you free training and consulting. Just call and they'll make sure to schedule you in for an appointment. There, you can browse for a mentor that's right for you and he or she will guide you through all your business questions and help you grow to achieve your goals.

2) Customer Partnership

Partnering with your customers is one of the best ways to promote your brand not only because you can launch your products in a cost-efficient way, but also it's perfect for building a customer relationship. Offer your customers deals they can't resist: insider prices, codes for their followers