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3 Ways to Get your Product into Stores

There's nothing more exciting than getting your product made and receiving your first purchase order. Here are a couple tips on how to get your products in stores such as boutiques to boost your sales! 


Reach out! Look into stores that match your aesthetic and ask when their buyers are usually looking for new products. Introduce your company and attach a line sheet with photos of your collection. Tell them your wholesale price and minimums. People see these emails so be patient and you'll get a response! 


Get yourself out there! Press is one of the best ways of getting into a boutique, but don't rely on it. If you get into a magazine, stores may contact you directly. Be sure to include the links and logos within your email or sales presentation.


Hiring a showroom can be a great way to go. Showrooms have great relationships with buyers and some have relationships with press. The downside: most showrooms charge a 10-20% commission on all orders + a monthly fee.

Post by Amanda Wang


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