4 Things To Know Before You Start Manufacturing

Have you ever wondered what the steps are to setting yourself up effectively for production? I'm walking through the factory today and I was thinking about how overwhelming the process can be.

Believe me, the last thing you want is to redo the whole process with frustration, so let's get ourselves aligned! Here are four things you should know before you start the manufacturing process. 

1. Have A Clear Vision

I don't mean 20/20 eye vision! Have a clear vision of what the outcome of your product is going to look like. Manufacturers want to work with designers who are confident in their designs and can see growth potential with their product in the market place. Whether you plan on selling online or in a store like Barneys, you want to be able to answer as many questions about your product as you can to your buyers. Have an approved sample that you as the designer can confidently present that reflects the product you wish to sell. If you're unsure of how you want your product to look, schedule a design consultation with Clutch Made to straighten things out! 

2. Create Your Timeline