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5 Things To Know Before Starting Your Tech Pack

At Clutch Made, we call ourselves the "one stop shop" because we offer everything from a great online course, to design consultations; where we work with clients on the ideation stages of their designs and business. Some clients and small businesses come to us when they have already conceptualized through their Design phase - they have their aesthetics in mind, they have selected their target audience and have built the foundation to move forward with their ideas, but they are still unsure if they have everything prepared enough in order to move on with the next steps. So, this might be where you are asking yourself , "what do I need to know before I move forward to the next steps of developing a product?" Don't worry, we have you covered. Following here are 5 essential topics you should know before starting your Tech Pack design.

1 - Gather References

If you've ever seen a bag or an accessory that you fell in love with - whether because of how it looked or because of its usability, take notes. You might want to reference them in the future. Before starting your Tech Pack, it is important to gather references for your project. Think about the products that you like and focus on what, exactly, you like about them. Is it the handle? Is it the pockets? The materials? Investigate what it is that makes each of these products appealing to you and select what you want to include in your own design. That way, you can incorporate these aspects into your product.

2 - Hardware Considerations

Hardware is the jewelry of your accessories and handbags. The hardware can easily add that special touch to your design. That is why you should select the style carefully before you start your tech pack. Do you want to achieve a modern look? Are you thinking you might want a discreet accent of hardware or a piece of hardware that makes a statement? Now is also the perfect time to consider custom hardware for your design, if you are thinking you would like to include an exclusive piece on your accessories.

3 - Branding is NOW

If you want to incorporate labels, custom prints or any other branding details that will be part of your product, the time to think about them is now. Search for references and find ways to incorporate your brand imagery to your product - is it through colors? Are you including your logo on the products? Think of ways you can strengthen your branding through the designing of your product so that future customers recognize your brand when they see it in the marketplace.

4 - Measure UP

Keep in mind that you can reference real life products when it comes to sizing and measurements. It is important to have a sense of how big your accessory will be and what those measurements will truly end up looking like. You should have a measuring tape in hand so you can have a realistic idea, while managing your expectations regarding the final size of your accessory.

5 - Design Ready

It is important to have the overall design of your accessory ready before starting your tech pack. That will make your entire process smoother and less time-consuming. Get the shape, the desired size with basic measurements and all your ideas ready before you move forward with the technical aspects of your product. Sometimes our clients have questions regarding the design details, specs and concepts of their products. When this happens, we highly recommend taking our Tech Pack Consultation so we can give you full guidance on all of the aspects needed for your tech pack and answer all your designing questions.

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