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A Very covid christmas

It's a very COVID holiday season this year. Social distancing, mask wearing and the changing economy has very much altered how we exist, make and shop in the USA. As any small business owner, you don't need to be reminded of the impacts COVID-19 has had on your business in the last twelve months. Whilst the worst may be over, there are still long-lasting industry changes and impacts that small businesses and designers have to be prepared for. For retail, it's all abour ecommerce. With physical shopping being somewhat impacted, and ordinarily outdated, the demand for online shopping has increased. As the consumer habits shift and focus on conscious shopping, ethics, sustainability and values, how can your small business, no matter its size, take advantage of the unique holiday season?

The team at #clutchmadedotcom sat down to explore how we will be helping clients through the holidays and into the new year.

1. Solidify Online Presence

This holiday season, it's important that your store is accessible and virtual. What does your storefront look like and where do you sell from? It's important to look at your target demographic to understand how they will navigate your site. Making your online presence as targeted, noticeable and shoppable will be vital to your holiday sales!

Top Tips: Make sure your checkout process is streamlined and as fast as possible. Create a holiday campaign or sale to draw in customers. Try using features the Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Google Ads to strengthen your online presence.

2. Cater Your Shop

In order to sell you must understand who your business is selling to. What are they looking for? Where do they live and how are they shopping? Cater your site to their needs, wants and style so your interface is as appealing to them as possible.

Top Tips: Use holiday shops on FB&IG. Create holiday banners and pop ups on your site directing customers to deals, shopping or mailing lists. Maybe consider giving your site a refresh.

3. Sell Through Social Media

It's so simple now to have your products loaded onto Facebook and Instagram. If you have this alongside your site, you are able to attract new customers and make their online experience of checking out incredibly quick and easy.

Top Tips: Manage or organise your shops to feature focus product. Tag products as much as possible during the holiday season. Have great product images.

4. Create Fun, Engaging holiday content

Nothing is better than seeing the values and passion behind a designer, brand and small business. People want to know who they are shopping from, how the product is made and how you can wear or use it. It's important to push as much engaging content during this period as possible to keep enagegment up and stand out against other holiday campaigns.

Top Tips: Try using features like Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, Guides, Tagging, IGTV, Hashtags, Engaging stories and more. Keep content professional but lighthearted and new.

5. Stay on Track

This last tip is pretty straight forward, but it's a timely reminder to keep pushing yourself and your business. It's been a hard and challenging year for a lot of people, so rewarding your milestones and achievements is just as important!

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