branding & social media is a must

So you've got your idea, hobby, side hustle or business. Now what? In the age of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok, it's not enough to just expect your product to sell brick and mortar. Your social media presence and brand identity is almost just as important as the product or service you are selling. Behind every design decision you have made, there has been some kind of voice or argument for your process. Brand development is about addressing these decisions in a story-telling argument to sell your product to consumers. For example, if you've made your bags ethically and locally in the USA, there's a reason. What about that decision is important to you? Are you passionate about American made products? Are you passionate about supporting small businesses? Are you passionate about sustainability and off-setting the environmental impacts of your product production?

These decisions become a part of your brand identity, voice and values which help you to build a clear and relatable brand. Not only is brand development one of the most misunderstood concepts in business, but it is also one that your business can’t survive without. Keep reading below to hear from the team at #clutchmadefactory on their experience with brand development and its importance.

I Have A Brand, why would I need a brand strategy? 

You need a brand strategy for many reasons, your brand needs to be more than just a product and a want to sell product. The brand is a reflection of you, your design, your values, your demographic, as well as your reputation, commitment and passion. Without a brand strategy, your brand in this day and age will get lost in the sea of emerging small businesses and saturated markets. People want to create emotional bonds to brands, they want to be sold and continue to consume what you are presenting to them. A logical brand strategy will make it clear what your brand and product does and stands for, in turn creating a strong bond between consumers who will be purchasing your product for your brand and not just the stand alone item.