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Create branding that works

Branding is the most important ingredient when bringing any product to market, and handbags are definitely not excluded from that. So, when it comes to branding your handbag, the most crucial factor for your product to stand out and sell is creating the world for your product to live within-the lifestyle. It is important to remember that when it comes to branding, less is more. You want to illustrate clearly what the brand is about , and not confuse your potential customers with mix messaging and a convoluted narrative. In order to ensure that the branding is effective, it is essential to consider the aesthetics of your brand, your demographic, and the overall purpose of the design.

If you are just establishing the aesthetics of your brand, then put the energy into that and create it, making sure you establish it within your marketing realm and get your branding message clearly across to your demographic. What can guide you in directing the marketing of your product is really the purpose of the design and its function----this helps you to really edit who the bag is for. So all these factors work together.

This being said, keep in mind, you are not yet a large brand, so take into consideration the fact that you might need to hold back from adding your logo to the exterior of the bag, which is not a bad thing, it is a very smart thing. No one knows your brand as of yet, so adding your logo on the exterior of the bag might deter potential customers from buying your bag. After all, even the iconic Chanel Flap Bag had the company logo incorporated into its design many years after its initial launch. It took Chanel that long to establish itself in the market and add the branding to the exterior of the bag. Taking the time to build a solid foundation for your brand can pay off in the long run - with a well-recognized brand, you can reach a much larger audience and increase your chances of success.

If your bag has a pattern, you could consider printing your logo within the pattern so it blends in better and becomes less distracting. Additionally, you could opt for subtlety and add fobs, labels and even a pattern lining to include the logo on your product. This way, the logo will be more memorable for those who are wearing the bag, but not so overpowering that it takes away from the product's design. Furthermore, you can choose a color for the logo that complements or contrasts with the bag's color palette, adding an extra layer of visual interest. Striking the perfect balance between visibility and subtlety will help your product stand out and be more of a success. With the right branding, you can create a product that will be attractive to customers and help your business to grow.

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