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Custom Bags for brides

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important events in ones life. It is an event that takes a lot of planning, with much preparation and attention paid to the little details, like flowers, table clothes, ceremony, guest lists and bridal party gifts. And then there is the bride, her dress and accessories and her bridesmaids. I think you can guess where I am going with this once the word accessories came into the conversation. Seriously, what does one do when one needs a very special, heirloom bag to have on their wedding day? What are the options? Do you shop for it at a store or online to find something that doesn't feel half as special as your beautiful dress? Honestly, I do think that is the only answer.

How about if you had another option. How about if you were able to design your own special wedding bag for your very special day? Well, now you can. We are now offering two exclusive bundles for the brides and the grooms. We think this is the perfect opportunity to have a keepsake of your big day and customize it for your bridal look. With the bridal bundle, you have the option of designing your own bag, or even designing your bridesmaid bags and/or your mother's bag~ whomever you might want to include for the bundle-we can customize the experience for you so that you are able to design and make what you envision for your special day. With the Clutch Made wedding bundles, the lovebirds will be able to design their own wedding accessories - whether it is a matching bag for the bride and the bridesmaids, or gifts for the groomsmen.

These bundles will guide you in creating a custom accessory for your wedding day. The Clutch Made Team will guide you in designing the perfect accessories through a smooth and easy process that will only take you a few steps. Then, voila, you have your perfect wedding bag for your special dress.

The Bride's Bundle

This bundle comes with a special Design Consult, a Tech Pack, sourcing and one style of bag with customized woven labels that show the date of the wedding and the name/initials of the couple. You have the option recreate the design in up to two different colors of the chosen material for the bride and the bridesmaids. This bundle starts at $3450 with four bags included - however it is possible to add more bags and customize this bundle according to exactly what you imagined for your big day.

The Groom's Bundle

The Groom's Bundle comes with a special Design Consult, a Tech Pack, sourcing and one style of bag/accessory which you can recreate in two different colors of a chosen material. It is the perfect bundle for the groom and also a good memento for the groomsmen. This bundle starts at $2850 with four accessories included - however it is possible to customize this bundle.

It is a great experience to have as couple, as well as a unique present to gift your loved ones. With the bundle, we'll help the couple to create the ideal accessory and make this big event even more special. We recommend taking 6 to 8 weeks for development - this way you can plan your big event and let us take care of these accessories. Please send us a request for quantities and styles and we will get back to you.

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