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Custom Handbag Style Suggestions for Brides and Bridesmaids

Bridal bags can be the perfect addition to your big day, as the bride and the bridesmaids carry their essentials all day (think lipstick, phone, mascara, etc…) and the accessory can serve as a unique legacy to this event. If you want to make your event even more unique, customizable, and stylish, you can create custom bags that will fit your event style like the ring on your wedding day. In this blog post we’ll suggest a few styles you can use to create the perfect custom bags for you and your bridesmaids with our newly launched wedding bundle.

Envelope Clutch

This classic and timeless style is always the perfect go-to for complementing your wedding dress. From special day essentials to your vows, this handbag style carries all of the bride's necessities throughout the wedding with ease.

Twist Clutch

A twist clutch or a know bag gives a modern take to your wedding look. The strap is designed to wrap around the wrist enhancing the bag's bold, triangular shape.

Bridal Pouch

Simple and clean, the bridal pouches have a traditional design that is easily customized to give one a personal look. Maybe you try different materials, special woven labels, or have fun with embroidery embellishing on the exterior. The pouch also makes a fantastic makeup bag for the bride and as bridesmaids' gifts.


The bridal backpack is a modern take to the bridal bag. This wedding design is created in a simpler style then say, a regular backpack. It is more delicate and tends to accessorize the wedding dress more closely as it is worn on the body. The bride has a place for all of her big day essentials without having to carry it in your hand. Perfect for brides that want to maximize their fun and their look.

These are just a few styles from a huge variety of bags that you can make with our Bridal Bundle. Don't wait too long to plan the special touches of your wedding - send us a request for quantities and styles and we will get back to you. Remember, the wedding season is fast approaching and you want to give your ideas plenty of time to be made!


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