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cyber monday tips

Once Black Friday has passed, there is still one more big day to promote and shop in the sales-marketing journey of holiday UBER selling: Cyber Monday! As Cyber Monday is the week right after Thanksgiving, consumers are looking to purchase gifts for the Christmas and Hanukkah seasons. To prepare yourself for catching big sales on Cyber Monday, we have some advice about what you should do as an accessory brand owner.

Connect with other small businesses

If you are a small business owner, locally made, or have recently started a brand in the accessory manufacturing world, you should consider connecting with other businesses to build community – and take advantage of it!

Start making a list of fashion accessory businesses that fit well with your brand values. After that, try to message them proposing a partnership. It could be a shared Instagram post, a blog post, a two-hands promotion, or a combined photoshoot.

Any strategic move you make together with another brand on a special date such as Cyber Monday, you will end up reaching more than just your audience, but also their audience, doubling your chances of sales.

Promote your best accessories

Cyber Monday is the last big sale day of the year, so try to make use of it so that it is right in your favor. When deciding which of your accessories you will promote on Cyber Monday, think about your best-sellers. There is probably a reason why those accessories sell more than the others – so make it benefit your marketing talk.

If you want to promote a tote bag, make sure you promote content on all your platforms for the reasons why buying your tote bag is a good choice. Highlight its amount of interior space, its versatility, and easy design and functionality.

If your price is key to the promo, make it clear: tell your client they won’t find a better accessory option for the same price.

learn about Accessory Design + how to start an Accessory brand

The Clutch Made Factory provides design and manufacturing services to individuals and brands looking to manufacture handbags and accessories in the USA. We offer development services, Business Building Services, Social Media Consultation, and more. If you want to start working with us, the first step we highly recommend is the Online Course: How to Get Started Making Accessory in the USA. After the Online Course, the next suggested step would be an Accessory Design Consultation.

With our extensive design experience, we offer aesthetic as well as practical business input for designing beautiful bags and accessories that are economical to manufacture in the USA. During our consultations, we discuss who, what, when, and how you are going to take your concepts to market.

On 2023 Black Friday, we are going to offer the Online Course + Accessory Design Consultation for a special price! Only $225 instead of $375! Follow us on Social Media and subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss our special offer. It will be available only on Black Friday day – but keep an eye on us because there will also be Cyber Monday specials!

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