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designing in the digital age

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

2020. The year of the pandemic. 2021. The year of change. Designing in an age that is more and more digital, may seem like a hard feat. The future of fashion and accessories is socially conscious, socially responsible, experiential, and creates an accessible digital space for consumption. An article by Harpers Bazaar, reported on the influence technology has had on the industry, often at an unprecedented rate. Consumer behaviour and morals in the last year has changed the fashion industry. The digital age of design is now a reflection of the time we are in, from budget, to environmental and social conscious.

Traditional fashion business models have been disrupted, and new frameworks are catering to the needs and desires of consumers, for more environmentally, socially and ethically conscious designs that speak to their needs in 2021. As more and more people are working and living more indoors than ever before, what and who are we designing for? The digital age has made it clear that fashion should seek to be more inclusive and accessible. High fashion is no longer in such high demand, as trends place emphasis on comfortable clothing and statement accessories or masks, rather than statement fashion pieces.

Social media and e-commerce have shaped how we deliver these new demands as designers. To remain socially relevant, brands must take on these demands, and be present in the most important aspects of digital marketing. Through social media, the need for higher end products has decreased, as influencers and the elite world of fashion opened up to the general public. Fashion is forever more and increasingly more inclusive.

As designing in the digital age becomes our reality, so too does e-commerce and the experiential, virtual reality of old traditional brick and mortar. Thanks to this, brands and consumers are more loyal and value based, brands succeeding based on their social stances and marketing their values.

Despite its challenges, the new wave of digital age fashion is promising and remains strong. Designers are poised to take on an important role, one of more socially responsible, ethical, engaging, experiential, inclusive and diverse products and platforms. So are you ready to get designing in 2021?

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