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get 20% off our design consult

Have you read our latest blog on our online course offered at #clutchmadedotcom? Upon completion of our online course you receive 20% off our design consult. So the team at #clutchmadedotcom is here this week to walk you through a design consult and why they are important to making accessories in the USA successfully.

At Clutch Made we provide manufacturing services to help get you started developing and making your accessories in the USA. We start with a design consultation before offering professional business and design services, including: Tech packs, Sourcing, Sample Making, Production, Branding and Marketing. We also offer our online course so you can start your journey from the comfort of your own home.

Our design consults are the perfect perfect solution to get you started making accessories in the USA. We step you through the first steps needed to create a successful American made business as we learn more about you, your brand and your product. We help you start to visualise and conceptualise your product and brand, all whilst giving you the tools you need to develop and start a marketable company. We also help you understand the following steps as well as the timeline for your goals.

Why is this important? Our design consult will provide uou with aesthetic as well as practical business input for designing beautiful bags and accessories that are economical to manufacture in the USA. During our consultations we discuss who, what, when and how you are going to take your concepts to market. Now you are ready to sell!

So why do you need it? At Clutch Made we have seen first hand how many people come to us with a great idea but with no direction on how to get started. It's important for people to become more informed about how to not only create a product, but how to create a brand they are passionate about. The secret is really that building your brand while building your product equals building a business. With over thirty years of experience our team is here to bring you the information you need to be successful.

Once you have started understanding and developing the ins and outs of designing accessories in the USA, the next step would be to look at our other services, as we are a totally in-house company and can help you every step of the way!


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