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Give the Gift of Design this holiday

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, sometimes people tend to forget about what matters most like their passionate interests! So we suggest that if you have someone on your list who has a keen interest in getting started with designing handbags and accessories, then we would highly suggest gifting our online course.

The Online Course of "How to Make Accessories in the USA" is the most basic and thorough way of getting started with understanding the process of handbag development. The course really breaks down the steps and helps you to organize your ideas for your business and for your designs. We are professionals who work daily with clients getting their ideas down onto paper, and this course illustrates those methods in 5 easy to follow chapters.

This online course is the perfect jump start for anyone looking to pursue their dreams of designing handbags. If you or your gift receiver has a dream of becoming an entrepreneur with their your own handbag brand, then make sure to gift the online course and get started today! The best part is, that once you take the course, then you are on your way to designing and making your handbag in the USA with the Clutch Made Team. Happy Holidays!

Sign up today and put us on your list this holiday season! Don't wait another minute before giving yourself permission to live out your dreams.

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