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Here Is How You Can Make A Sample With Clutch made!

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Are you looking to make a sample of your accessory idea but don't know where to even start? Don't worry! The Clutch Made Team will guide you step-by-step so that you understand the process necessary to make your accessories in the USA.

1- Online Course

Our online course covers the basic knowledge you need before you start creating your accessories. Our exclusive course teaches you how to transfer all your ideas to paper, illustrating the necessary steps to creating your project and your brand – right here in the USA!

2- Design Consult

Now that you have all the concepts prepared and your ideas communicated, our one hour Design Consultation is the first step to materializing your accessory. Our consult discusses all the steps necessary to marrying your brand with your product, offering insights so that you can build a successful accessory business foundation, turning your dream into a reality. During our consultation we discuss the who, what, when and how of taking your concepts to market.

3- Tech Pack

The next step is to create the physical design by making the Tech Pack with our team. This is the document which encompasses all the technical specifications of your project so that a sample can be created. The tech pack is an essential part of the product development process and is drawn proportionally so you can see if the product will indeed be designed for the purpose you intended. It is also an essential so that you, our design team and our makers can all be on the same page during the making process. The Tech Pack creates good communication in a very professional manner.

4- Sourcing

To create a sample, you need to find the best materials for the development of your accessory. Our team has years of experience, with indexes of the best suppliers in the United States. We will locate the raw materials needed to make your design, find the right printing process for your print jobs, design and fabricate any custom hardware, embroidery, webbing, leather, embossing.....the list goes on and the sourcing process does too.

5- Sample Making

Now you’re ready to translate your ideas into reality! Our team of artisans are expert sample makers and most likely the best in the entire USA. With a sample, you’re able to see what your product will look like in real life before moving forward with production.

If you have any questions regarding any of the steps in the process of product development, please feel free to schedule a call with us so we can discuss your interest further. Remember, keep it Clutch and keep it made in the USA!

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