How making in the USA is saving our planet

Do you ever look at the bag on your shoulder and wonder what it took for your bag to get there? How many animals were harmed or how much water it took? Or how many people were involved in the process?

In an article titled 'A Roadmap for Natural Capitalism' Amory Lovins, Hunter Lovins and Paul Hawken explore how major companies in the 21st century don't account for their use of natural resources. Companies are overlooking the service of earth's ecosystem purely for the businesses economic gain. Every economy is embedded or relies on our environment but it is so often emitted from any business report. Why is this? Because who really owns our environment? Who is responsible for tracking the use of its resources?

There are four major shifts to be made in business practices to ensure that we are accounting natural capitalism into every business. Because our planet is worth saving and serious changes need to be made to do so.