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How making in the USA is saving our planet

Do you ever look at the bag on your shoulder and wonder what it took for your bag to get there? How many animals were harmed or how much water it took? Or how many people were involved in the process?

In an article titled 'A Roadmap for Natural Capitalism' Amory Lovins, Hunter Lovins and Paul Hawken explore how major companies in the 21st century don't account for their use of natural resources. Companies are overlooking the service of earth's ecosystem purely for the businesses economic gain. Every economy is embedded or relies on our environment but it is so often emitted from any business report. Why is this? Because who really owns our environment? Who is responsible for tracking the use of its resources?

There are four major shifts to be made in business practices to ensure that we are accounting natural capitalism into every business. Because our planet is worth saving and serious changes need to be made to do so.

One of the methods for improving our current environmental climate is to change business methodologies from producing products to producing services. An example of this is a company that produces lightbulbs. Instead of selling the bulbs as their entire business, they produce the service of installation as a part of selling the bulb. The consumer pays for the service rather than the product and in turn the quality of the lightbulb increases and lasts longer. They require less lightbulbs and therefore consume less products, but the service they pay for keeps the company in business and economic growth continues.

This solution based business model is hard to come by. But when you do find one, it is so so important to support that business and contribute to its existence so that more businesses see that it IS possible to be sustainable, ethical AND still grow economically.

What we do at #clutchmadedotcom is advocate for making in the USA and we see ourselves as a prime leader in doing so. This is great for the economy, local businesses and the environment. But we are also #services based. Instead of just producing a product in one step we provide design and manufacturing services to brands and individuals looking to source and produce in the USA. This is a solutions based business model because instead of an accessory as the only goal, we start from a design consult and take multiple steps to #source, #design and #produce locally so that every step is a service rather than a product.

We start with a #freeconsult that is a scheduled call that introduces us to the client and their team. From there we can schedule a #designconsult which discusses in depth the product, the design, the materials, the brand, the designer and the end goal of the #accessory. The third step in the process is creating #techpacks that are expertly designed with over twenty years experience. The fourth step is #sourcing the materials, the hardware and any other parts of the accessory that are necessary to bring the design to life. Once the client has the ideally sourced materials and can envision their accessory, we #pattern make and create a #sample to fully envision the design. When the client is happy with the sample we start producing the desired quantity of product. But we don't just stop there. The team at #clutchmadedotcom can also work on #branding and #marketing the product from labels, postcards etc to #socialmedia content creation. We also offer #photography and #video services to really showcase the client's product. Once our clients are up and running as an #accessory and a #brand they can also #sellwithus on our #clutchbagsdotcom platform.

From start to finish we #source and #make locally, supporting local craftsmanship, local businesses and local designers.

Making in the USA is one of the key steps to owning up to our use of resources. So support your local services based businesses today to start saving our planet. Want to #design #make or #brand with us? Head to #clutchmadedotcom. Want to #shop or #sell with us? Head to #clutchbagsdotcom.

Coming soon we have a $99 online course that will help you understand how to bring a design to life, without even having to leave your house! Stay tuned...


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