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How making with us supports women!

You're sitting at home with an idea in your mind that you're super passionate about but you've always thought that you wouldn't be able to bring it to life. Then you make a free phone call with the team at #clutchmade and they step you through on how to make

marketable accessories in the USA and how their services can guide you from side hobby to bustling business.

Here's how the Clutch Made space supports and empowers women through making in the USA.

At Clutch Made we step you through making in the USA. We are happy to support female designers who make in the USA. After all, our company is owned by girl boss Laura Dotolo, former stylist, designer of Clutch NY and founder of Clutch Made, with our team being predominantly female operated.

Once we've worked with you with on any phase of the development process, from design ideation, tech packs, sourcing, and samples to production, we'll give you the opportunity to sell with us on #clutchbagsdotcom.

Our platform creates a space for emerging female designers who have made accessories in the USA to join a community of likeminded #girlbosses and start selling their wonderful accessories.

If you are a #girlboss in the USA and you want to find out more about how you can make with us in the USA at #clutchmadedotcom or how you can sell with us at #clutchbagsdotcom click on the links to head to our websites.

And don't forget our new online course for making accessories in the USA without leaving your house! It's perfect for those who are interested in learning more about the process and what it takes to get your idea down on paper so that you can bring it to life.

It is a great first step in finding out what it takes to be a maker and designer in the USA. Do you have the passion but not enough time to pursue a new career? Then try the course and take things at your own speed! Check it out this summer.

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