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How we make a bag: from start to finish

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

You can MAKE IT in the USA! The Clutch Made Factory provides design and manufacturing services to individuals and brands looking to source and produce in the USA. So what is the first step?

Clients contact us via our #services page for a free scheduled phone call, anytime, any place. We then schedule an in-depth design consultation where we work with you to develop an idea. A product developer works with you to turn your idea into a product driven business. Alongside our extensive design experience we offer practical business input for designing beautiful bags and accessories that are economical to manufacture with us in the USA. During the consult we discuss who, what, when and how you can take your concepts to market.

So now your idea is on paper, step two is to watch your idea come to life. We create professional tech packs that turn your design into a manufacturable product. The tech pack is an essential part of the development process.

We are here to work with you during the entire design process. We will assist you in formulating all your dimensions, details, hardware choices, functionality and the materials for your product.  The design process is the necessary first step that will lead you to the sample of your product. Before we get started on your sample (step four) we have our team at #clutchmadedotcom source the highest quality materials, finding anything you need.

So now we have all the materials to bring your idea to life. The fourth step is visualising the product. Our team of artisans are expert pattern and sample makers.

Once you are happy with your sample we move on to one of the most exciting steps, manufacturing. Step five is about manufacturing in the USA. Eliminate the inferior quality, high shipping costs, miscommunication and delivery time problems associated with producing internationally. We can manage all your production needs from 10 units to 10,000 units, no order is too big or small.

So you have the perfect marketable product. What now? Beyond just the aesthetics of a product we also offer practical photography, videography, branding, website and social media services. Because why wouldn't you want to show off your wonderful new accessories? We are able to work with you on developing the business of your product!

The final step in this process is selling with us! That's right we have the perfect marketplace for you. A curated platform for the latest in #Americanfashionandstyle at #clutchbagsdotcom

Stay tuned for our online course for how to get started making handbags in the USA, helping you go from idea to marketable product - all online! Coming soon...

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