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the marriage of brand identity+ accessory design

Brand Idendity. Image: Unplash. Orange notebook
Brand Idendity. Image: Unplash

Once you’ve completed the steps you should do before starting your accessories brand, then it’s time to start the process of developing the accessory. However, a common mistake people tend to make when getting started is jumping into the development of logos and products before thinking through the brand. Or even developing a sample before having a structured brand. As challenging as it might be, the best thing you can do for your business is to develop the brand before or at the same time as the product and logo, etc. The best think you can do for your business is to be patient, and stay onboard with your brand plan from the beginning until the end. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of building a cohesive brand offering some of the steps you should consider following through with in order to achieve this goal.

What is a cohesive brand?

As we talked about in the article “The Importance Of Creating a Cohesive Brand”, your brand identity will represent your brand personality. The logo, the colors, the photos, and the product you’re selling, all express your brand identity. And by aligning all of these elements, you’ll end up having a cohesive brand. The most meaningful step in developing a cohesive brand is investing in consistency throughout. This means that you stay consistent with your descriptions, your posts, your messaging, and your story. It's the way you talk, post, and sell your products to your target audience - if you stay consistent with your story and your messaging, then this will take you to brand recognition.

“Cohesive branding means maintaining consistency regardless of the mediums or channels consumers see in your brand. This means your brand should be immediately recognizablefrom the rest of the crowd–whether it's on a brochure, sticker, or any other medium.” - Fuse Box One

Examples of cohesive brands

Coca-Cola red
Coca-Cola Brand as a cohesive branding. Image: Unplash

A good example of a cohesive brand is Coca-Cola. It has a red color that represents the product, with a recognizable custom font. The entire aesthetic of the brand harkens back to a good time when good friends and good stories were in abundant supply. It also is the same color associated with the color of Santa Klaus, making people subconsciously think about their own Christmas times, full of friends, family, and happy moments. Coca-Cola represents more than a product, it symbolizes a lifestyle.

Airbnb is another brand with great cohesive branding. The clean aesthetic of the website, the app, and the logo express the brand's main goals. Every detail communicates the idea of how traveling and finding a nice place to stay can be simple. Airbnb’s branding is focused on you, as a client, creating a new unique experience for each person.

Airbnb logo in pink color
Airbnb logo. Image: Unplash

Developing a logo

Colorful Logos examples
Logos examples. Image: Unplash

To develop a functional logo, the best move you could ever make is to hire a professional designer.

The designer will lead you through the process of finding the right colors that represent your brand, based on your brand values. Then, you both will think about the options of fonts that best communicate your brand's aesthetic. From there, the designer will suggest a logo that stands for your brand, feels like what you are trying to do with your brand, and also works for your product.

For instance, if you want to develop small earrings as a product, your brand logo should be able to fit into small sizes of packaging and just come across as representing what the product feels like or is trying to convey. If you want to develop weekender bags, maybe your logo can be developed in a sort of modern travel mode, with a font and design that connotes movement or travel. There are many details to consider before developing a logo.

Branding with clutch made

Clutch Made is a one-stop shop for all your designing and branding needs. We offer everything from the development of your product to an array of business-building and branding services, including logo development, social media set-up, and maintenance, and website design and set-up. Clutch Made has a very focused path designed for their clients when it comes to working with the client to develop their brand identity. The building of the brand is part of the Clutch Made Agency essential, one that we encourage again and again during the making process. The Clutch Made Team is here to work with you on building your brand and developing your product all at the same time.

Ask about our Branding Services, from Branding Audits to Target Market studies, we are able to work with you on developing the business of your product! Contact us to learn more about this process by clicking the link here!

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