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Let's talk about sustainability in design

With everything going on in the world, as consumers we are starting to realise the importance of #shoppinglocal and starting to produce in the #USA. We no strangers to the negative impacts of industralisation, global warming and unsustainable industries. Global ecological awareness has started growing ever since.

That's why at #clutchmade we source, develop and produce everything in the USA. We also support local vendors and other #americanmadebussinesses.

The grassroots movements supports the adoption of global frameworks in governments, business and personal endeavours to change our habits and work towards a sustainable future. We are proud to say that #clutchmade contributes to thie change, and we hope to see the evolution of people's values and consumer behaviours post-pandemic.

At #clutchmadedotcom we believe that taking back what it means to #makeintheusa will help us step closer towards a more sustainable future. Why? Because making in the #usa not only supports local businesses and local economies, but it is also more ethical and environmentally friendly than outsourcing all our labour and production. If we make locally and crafted by hand we are reducing the emissions it takes to mass-produce something in another less developed country where there aren't the same environmental or ethical standards.

So what do we do at #clutchmade to bring our #madeinusa vision to life? We work with people who want to design and produce a product in the USA. From start to finish we source, sample, produce and manufacture the products and help designers fully embody the made in USA movement through their brand identity.

Are you ready to make that difference? Book a design consult today and find out how you can make in the #usa with us at #clutchmadedotcom.


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