Meet the #girlboss tackling fashion's waste problem

If you haven't heard of then let me fill you in on what is tredning now: it's a for-profit B Corp that is radically changing the way people think, approach and take responsibility for their clothing and recycling. Helpsy makes reusing and recycling your clothes and shoes more convenient and easier than ever. The largest clothing collector in Northeast US, Helpsy has more than 1,800 collection containers and has collected over 25 million pounds of clothes over the last year, reducing 320 million pounds of CO2 emissions, 20 billion gallons of water and the electricity usage of 10,000 American homes.

The collected clothes are resold in thrift stores in North America or turned into rags for industrial use or things like stuffing and insulation. Their social mission oversees the donation of clothes to those in need, like winter jackets for the homeless.

I had the pleasure to sit down with Rachel Kibbe (