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Meet the maker: Nadia robinson

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

This week, Clutch Made Factory sat down with Nadia Robinson, of shopfromnadia, a young entrepreneur making in the USA. Made in New York City, Nadia wants to define luxury in a more sustainable way, by balancing quality and affordability. Nadia Robinson represents a new wave of young designers who are emphasising the importance of locally made, sustainably produced and ethically sourced accessories. Keep reading below to find out more about her experience with Clutch Made Factory.

1. What started your business journey with Clutch Made? How did you hear about us/why did you choose us to get started?

After doing extensive research on bag manufacturers based in New York, ClutchMade caught my eye because of their credibility and great reviews. After looking at the well-developed website I saw they offered a lot of services that many other manufacturers weren’t clear on based on what their websites stated. My initial reason for choosing ClutchMade was because of website transparency and being able to see what they offer without mystery or suspicion. A lot of manufacturers don’t have good websites and that's a major user experience turn off for me. However, ClutchMade was very clear with what they provide.

2. Why was Clutch Made Factory a great place to start your product development?

After speaking with Laura for my first consultation, she advised me to take their online course. It really helped me organize my mind and understand what I really wanted to create and how to do so with their help.

3. Tell us what it's like being an emerging designer making in the USA...

I think it adds a level of authenticity to the brand and interest for consumers when I tell them it is made in NYC. The fashion industry has a lot of emerging young artists especially in New York which doesn’t necessarily make it easier but it feels inspiring to me. It’s nice to see what New York (or other states) culture means for different people and how they interpret it.

4. Tell us what your experience with Clutch Made Factory has been like...

I feel like I had a great first experience making my sample with ClutchMade because the communication through email was clear and helpful. Any questions I had were answered and suggestions I needed were made.

5. Why was it important for your brand to be American made?

One of my top priorities for my brand is sustainability, so product creation in the US, specifically in my city, means a lower carbon footprint because I’m not contributing to constant shipping overseas. Also, I feel that a brand is a lot more genuine when it is made in America and people who buy the products can feel it too.

6. What sets your products apart in the world of American made accessories?

My brand offers a new way to look at and think of luxury through the use of textures, fabrics, and colors. I plan on using materials that are just emerging in the industry that will give a new fresh feel to fashion.

7. If you could give one piece of advice to emerging designers, what would it be?

The most important thing that I learned from the ClutchMade was to always tend to your business like a plant. That’s the only way it will grow. Sometimes the small things in a business may feel like they’re not important but they really make all the difference. Don’t let a day go by without finding something you can do to push it further.

I just received my bag last week so I don't have any professional product shots just yet, but I do have a picture of when I first laid my eyes on it!

You can find Nadia's bag on Instagram and Tik Tok, or head to her website here.


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