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Sourcing in the USA

Sitting in the office with the AC on full blast, I'm currently brainstorming my ideas for this week's blog post. Naturally, I'm thinking about our upcoming events for the following week. On Tuesday July 18th, Clutch Made along with other vendors will be at Fashion Institute of Technology for designers and small businesses to work together .

City Source is hosting a trade show for people like you to meet your local manufacturers, pattern makers, and more. RSVP to this free event here!

At Clutch Made, we source all our raw materials locally in New York City. By working with us, you'll be able to see, feel, and compare swatches to find the perfect match for your product whilst staying within your budget. Maybe you're not even sure what you need but would like to see the options out in the market place without running around the city. We will bring the options to you and locate what your need to turn your ideas into a reality! 

We source ALL raw materials including:

  • leathers

  • synthetics

  • exotics

  • vegan leathers

  • PVC

  • linings

  • hardware

  • labels

  • hang tags

  • postcards, etc...

Contact us today with your material request or questions!

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