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the client process

Dear design clients, the team at Clutch Made Factory decided to sit down this week to talk through the process of developing your accessories, and the key to successful business/client relations. The communication process throughout designing and developing your accessories in the USA is key.

The first key information to note is that you need to know what you want in order to help us develop your dream product. Walking in with a clear understanding will help us help you. Don't be disappointed about the pattern or sample you recieve if you didn't communicate what it was you wanted. It's important as the client to take initiative and transfer everything you have about your idea and business to us we have the entire vision of the project and know you and your brand better. Start with general and then add detail, whether you have sketches, something existing, inspiration, moodboards, products you love etc.

Setting expectations is crucial. If you don't know what you want to have or to achieve at the end of your development, there is no way our team can be as successful as we can in your design process. Setting your expectations up front about what you are expecting at the end of the project is key so we can deliver the highest standard and your expectations are exceded!

Give the team some space. Great client feedback and communication is crucial for great design, but communicating boundaries are also important. When we set deadlines we stick to those deadlines, so we can't answer 20 emails a day from one client. trust your team, your factory and understand they have boundaries and limitations.

Don't be afraid of change. Understand that any design process is not linear. There will be constant changes, partnership and communication. From consult to prototype to development, understand that your product or vision may be altered to make it affordable, marketable, accessible or more practical. And our team of designers have over thirty years of experience helping people better develop their accessories in the USA, so they will always want the best for you and your product.

Reward the design team. Good feedback and positive reviews is incredibly uplifting and important, especially if our team has been working with you for a long time. When we understand what you're loving and what you like about what you see we are able to develop perspective and understand your opinions. This can help progress the design process further forward. Developing a solid relationship with your team will help you sync better and workflow will become more productive and efficient.

Review your work properly. Make sure yoy take time to process, look at and make a decision on everything we as a factory give you before you rush to giving feedback. Even get other people to weigh in on the progress to broaden your view and diversify opinions.

Prepare to hear other perspectives. We trust and believe in your design, but we also have over thirty years of experience so if we offer other perspectives or insight to your product it's always in your best interest. Of course, you need to be on board with the final version; we are not asking you to give up your own opinion, but to simply be open to different views and perspectives that might be different than yours.

So are you ready to get your design journey started? Head to our website today and check out our services or schedule a free call to get started.


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