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The Importance of Pattern and Sample Making

HoW Do you get Started?

Once you get started with the process of designing your accessories, whether it may be dog collars and leashes, handbags, or gym towels, a necessary part of the product is the specific measurements! This is called a tech pack. As a designer, you sketch and draw your beautiful line with multiple ideas or versions. However, through our conversations with you, we streamline the accessory to one design you want to produce, to start. To source the material, you have two options: pick the material yourself, or our team can understand what you would like and give you types to choose from. Then, we work to make patterns from the tech pack. To make sure it is just how you want it to look, we make sample products. If you would like something changed, we make up to 3 samples! You can even ask us for quotes on samples, patterns and tech packs for your products. We will send you a written estimate within 48 hours.

This process is important because it is the biggest step before producing many pieces of your line. Past this, we can get you started with anything from your social media, photography, to selling with us on our sister platform, Clutch Bags!

Contact us here to find out more and start producing your accessories today!

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