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The Ultimate Guide for Beginners in Accessory Making

Updated: Apr 19

So, you want to be the next big thing in accessories? Let's get those creative juices flowing!

Starting your own brand and designing original accessories can feel like a whirlwind, especially if you're new to the design or manufacturing scene. That’s where Clutch Made's Online Course: How to Make Accessories in the USA steps in to help you turn those big ideas into reality.

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Building your own brand isn't an overnight affair, but establishing the right habits can set you up for success. We’ll guide you on how to envision your brand's unique style, aesthetic, and the lifestyle it embodies.

When it comes to designing your product, don’t worry if sketching isn’t your forte. The Online Course arms you with the tools to articulate your vision—from style and materials to the colors and branding you want for your collection. Once your vision is clear, we can dive into ways to connect with your target audience, from pitches to creating an online presence.

Handbag online course

An Accessory Design Consultation with Laura is the next step, offering you a chance to brainstorm with a pro and ensure your time and energy go into a design you’re fully committed to. Finally, you’ll learn every detail of the sample development process —from tech pack to the finished product.

Our Online Course is your ultimate guide to developing your brand and crafting accessories right here in NYC.

Ready to get started? Let's do this!


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