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Through Blair's Diary: A Fashionable Journey with Clutch Made

Dear Diary,

Today was quite the whirlwind, but amidst the chaos of Upper East Side dramas and

fashion dilemmas, I managed to find a moment of clarity. It all started when I stumbled upon an online course at Clutch Made, a sanctuary for those with a passion for design and a penchant for perfection.

Woman shopping with bags

How did I find myself enrolled, you ask?

Well, it all began with a desire to take my creative ventures to new heights. You see, at Clutch Made, they offer manufacturing services to help budding designers like myself bring their accessory dreams to life right here in the USA. But with my schedule resembling a fashion week runway, finding the time to dive into the intricacies of design seemed near impossible.

That's where the online course came into play. A stroke of genius, really. It allows me to indulge my passion for design and entrepreneurship without ever having to leave the comfort of my penthouse. I can work through it at my own pace, between photo shoots and social events, taking one step closer to turning my ideas into marketable products, all while supporting local artisans and businesses.

Young woman and her mother

But what truly inspired me to embark on this journey was the memory of my mother, Eleanor. A designer in her own right, she instilled in me a love for craftsmanship and attention to detail from a young age. I find myself drawing inspiration from her timeless elegance and unwavering dedication to her craft as I navigate through the course material.

So here I am, diary, ready to immerse myself in the world of design and manufacturing, armed with nothing but my passion and a desire to make my mark on the fashion industry. Who knows where this journey will take me, but one thing's for certain: with Clutch Made by my side, the possibilities are endless.

Yours in couture,

Blair Waldorf


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