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we do custom hardware

Are you looking to take your piece to the next level? Ready to elevate and personalise your accessories? Clutch Made not only offers sourcing for your manufacturing needs, we also offer custom hardware pieces! So what is the point of a custom hardware piece? Custom pieces can act to elevate your brand, or communicate your brand name. For example if you're looking for a buckle or a zipper, but you want to add your brand name or a brand feature to your accessory, you can add it to a buckle or zipper which we design with you using the highest quality materials.

So what is the process like? The Clutch Made factory team works with you throughout the design process to ensure you have support and resources available to make the best, marketable accessories in the USA.

This buckle hardware feature was custom done by Clutch Made, and is the coolest way to make your accessories even more YOU. Clutch Made also designed this custom zipper pull for one of our clients, adding that little extra detail that makes a bag that much more expensive and stylish.

Are you ready to get started sourcing or creating custom hardware with Clutch Made today? Head to our sourcing page to get started.


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