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We do websites

So you have your product and you are ready to get started selling. Maybe you're a one man business - or maybe you don't have a skilled team to help you roll out your product. That's where Clutch Made comes in. Websites and social media and more important than ever before. E-commerce is replacing traditional brick and mortar methods of reaching consumers. As more people work from home and the way we shop changes, it's increasingly relevant for brands to stay on top the trends in the market. To stay connected with consumers, brands must share their products on user friendly websites and stoppable social media accounts.

Your website is not just a marketplace for your products, it's also an extension of you and your brand. Consumers in 2021 want to provide loyalty and connect with the brand and designer virtually, meaning the website has to speak not just of the product, but of the brand's aesthetic, values and selling points.

A website is a great platform for getting your product on the marketplace. Our Clutch Made team will work with you in acquiring the domain and then building the site out to your specific needs and vision. We use an easy to maintain platform that we will design and implement for you. We will then help you maintain the site on your own, supplying all of the tools and content necessary for your site to function.

website examples by Clutch Made team. Soltek & Crafted Bags

Our team can also work with you on your bios, about pages, product descriptions, key branding SEOs and content writing to get your site populated and professional. Content writing is a part of our business that can help bring your site to life and connect more with your audience.

Beyond setting up your website, we also offer social media set ups, which includes acquiring handles for Facebook and Instagram, and the initial set up and/or maintenance of content, posts, demographic, follower growth, hashtags and strategies for a consistent, on-brand and aesthetic social media presence. If you're ready to enter the web and start selling your products, contact us today, or set up a free call to discuss getting your website started, or any other services you may need from the Clutch Made team.


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