WHO is MRS. American made?

If you've ever stumbled across Mrs American Made on Instagram, you may think of Ana Bogusky as a fashionable American woman and trendy style-blogger. On second glance you may also find she's an inspirnig #remakeambassador and #threadupambassador. But what you may not know is that her wardrobe is carefully crafted to reflect the values she lives out day to day. Mrs American Made herself became more aware of the environment around her and what she was consuming, which led to somewhat of a revelation that "Made in USA' products are so incredibly important. This revelation led to research - and eventually to the realisation that only 2% of clothing sold in the US is made here. Ana saw a gap and an opportunity curating change through her own wardrobe as well as paving the way for platforms to support American made brands. As well as linking #MadeinUSA brands that you can shop and support, Ana considers the impact of fashion on the environment and adopts the "buy less, choose well" motto when shopping for her clothes.

The team at #clutchmadedotcom sat down with Ana Bogusky to find out more about her evolving closet, what consumers can do to create change and the trends in 2020 that are set to revolutionize the way we shop. Keep reading belo