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Why manufacture with the Clutch Made Factory?

Updated: Apr 19

Developing and making any product, especially in the USA, requires a lot of research when trying to find the right partner. A bit of vetting should be done, as well as a checklist that you, as the client, should have on hand when speaking with a design- manufacturer about what they can provide for you, and what you need to provide for them.

Following is our Clutch Made checklist for what we offer in designing, sourcing, and developing accessories in the USA, in addition to manufacturing productions and all the add-ons that make your partnership with us streamlined. This is why you should consider working with us and manufacturing with the Clutch Made Factory.

the clutch made factory are experts with making accessories in the usa
Experts at what we do

1-experts at making accessories

When you visit our website, review our Instagram posts, and look over our Google reviews, one main element will pop out at you. We are the experts in the USA for making and developing accessories. How did we become the self-proclaimed experts? Maybe from being in business for 12 years in NYC, developing a course on making accessories in the USA, consulting for 12 years on accessory brands + how to market them, and developing all different types of accessories with all different types of materials while understanding the capabilities and constraints of making in the USA.

Women owned and operated at the clutch made factory
Design Team of Women

2-Woman-owned and operated

Who better to work with than a detail-oriented, focused woman and female design team? We all know that women know how to get it done. Women also know how to keep an eye open for detail and an ear open to feedback. We work hard on communication and care more than anything about customer service. Plus, we know what women want in accessories and handbags. Why? Because we love them too!

Manufacture in the USA with the Clutch Made Factory
Make it in the USA

3: making in the USA

It is a fact that trying to find an accessories maker and designer in the USA is a very challenging experience. We know this. We also know our community of makers, who is making what, their level of making, their capacities, their marketing abilities, and design options.

We are the only one of our kind that is designing, sourcing, and making accessories in the USA for small and medium-sized businesses looking to make it in the USA.

Make it in the USA with the Clutch Made Factory!

book a call to inquire about the desiging process
Book a call to ask your questions

4: Factory you can talk to

Ever heard of customer service? Seems like something in the past. But not with us.

We encourage whoever reaches out to us to book a call so that we have the opportunity to speak with you and answer all your questions about designing accessories and what we have to offer. We answer our emails, respond to requests, and keep you updated on the progress of development as you go through the process with us. We are the Factory you can talk to and we believe in customer service and modern communication, Book your call here.

clutch made factory is your one stop shop for designing and manufacturing accessories
Your one-stop shop for designing and making accessories

5:One-Stop Shop

Once you find the right partner to design and make with, do you want to go somewhere else to source your materials? to design your hardware? or have a custom lining made with an original print? or webbing that is woven with your brand logo? why not just stick with the same team who knows you, your product, your style, and your brand? That's who we are, the one-stop shop that you can work with on all your manufacturing and design needs.

Email us here with any inquiries or questions you have about getting started or book a call today!


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