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WHAT'S YOUR handle?

Our best advice is to not wait until you have inventory on hand to start your social media.

That is always a mistake. Your social media is the window to your brand. It is one of the essentials of sales, so you need to get started sooner than later to gain an audience.

Your handles and social media platforms are all key ingredients to your brand and digital success.

If you find that you are overwhelmed by social media maintenance or need some guidance, then we can work with you. The Clutch Made Team has the expertise to manage your digital content so your brand can engage with your consumers. Ultimately, you will be selling your product and increasing your brand's visibility. 

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Social media packages

We offer three social media packages and can work to tailor one that's right for you.


Social media set up, elevator pitch, digital marketing research, demographic focus, market positioning and general social media content maintenance [3-4 posts a week]


Take your social media to the next level with services like FB & IG shop features, or management of your Google My Business platform. We'll manage your social media and maintain your extended online presence.


Ready to take your brand to the next level? We offer holistic social media approaches, including curated marketing campaigns, custom branded graphics and photo and video content creation for engaging posts, exciting video reels and more!

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