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Our Wedding Bundles

If you are planning an upcoming wedding and want to create a unique accessory to eternalize this special day, don't miss out on our special Wedding Bundles. Whether you're the bride, the groom, a bridesmaid or someone who wants to gift a dear friend - our bundles are the perfect addition to this big event.

A memory that will last for years

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important events in ones life. It is an event that takes a lot of planning, with much preparation and attention paid to the little details, like flowers, table clothes, ceremony, guest lists and bridal party gifts.


With the Clutch Made wedding bundles, the lovebirds will be able to design their own wedding accessories - whether it is a matching bag for the bride and the bridesmaids, or gifts for the groomsmen. The Clutch Made Team will guide you in designing the perfect accessories through a smooth and easy process that will only take you a few steps.

Here is how it works: you can pick a style from our accessories catalog - which includes handbags that can be used by the bride, the moms and the bridesmaids as well, along with accessories that can be given to the groom and the groomsmen as a keepsake for this special day. Then you'll pick a material that suits your likings - from lambskin to suede, we have a wide variety of materials and colors for you to choose. Possibly even match the bags to the theme or colors of your event.

We also offer personalized woven labels for the interior of the bags, with initials and dates of the special day printed on them. These personalized labels make each bag even more unique and special. They can be used to add your initials & those of your spouse-to-be, as well as other details or special message. Then, our team will take care of the rest! We'll make your wedding bags right here in NYC and ship them directly to you!


Pick a style from our catalog


Choose color and materials


We make and ship them

The Bride Bundle

With the bridal bundle, you have the option of designing your own bag, or even designing your bridesmaid bags and/or the bride's mother's bag - whomever you might want to include for the bundle. We can customize the experience for you so that you are able to design and make what you envision for your special day.


Our Wedding Bundles starts at $750, with prices going up from there, depending on your choice of materials, quantity of bags for your wedding party and styles. Contact us today and get started so you are prepared for your Special Day!

The Groom's Bundle