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3 creative women of fashion who inspire

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

According to research published by Business of Fashion in 2016, 40% of fashion brands are being led by men, even though their target audience is mostly women. But there are some women who are trying to turn the tables as leaders of big fashion brands. Also talking about the fashion world, there are some other important creative positions that embrace design at a higher level of influence, such as graphic designers. If you want to start a business, how about getting to know inspiring people? In this article, we are going to meet three creative women from the fashion world to be inspired. Shall we?

1. Maria Grazia Chiuri - creative director of Dior

Maria Grazia Chiuri at Panathenaic
Maria Grazia Chiuri at Panathenaic, Atenas - Photo: Ria Mort, from de Dior

Chiuri is a fashion designer named creative director at Dior since 2016. She was born in Rome, Italy, and fashion was something that was part of her family culture, as her mother was a dressmaker. Chiuri considers her 5 sisters, her mother, and her grandmother as inspiring figureheads for her work.

The fashion designer studied at IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, in Rome, and started working and joined Fendi in 1989, where she designed their handbag collections. While she was at Fendi, she helped develop the famous baguette bag. After her time at Fendi, she joined the Italian fashion house of Valentino, where she also headed the accessories collections.

At Dior, Chiuri was the first woman to head the creativity design process in 69 years of the brand's history, and ever since her first fashion show, she spoke about feminism, leading one of the models of the campaign to wear a shirt printed with the words “we should all be feminists”.

2. Virginie Viard - creative director of Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard in front of a lake
Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard. Photo: WireImage/ Getty Images, from Vogue

In 2019, after Karl Lagerfeld's death, Virgine Viard was nominated as the creative director of Chanel, being the first woman to guide the brand since Chanel itself. Viard was already working with Lagerfeld, the previous creative director of the brand, for 30 years.

Born in 1962, Viard studied theater design at the Cours George, and in 1987 she began interning at Chanel. Now, she is responsible for all of Chanel’s collections.

3. Bea Feitler - fashion magazine's cover graphic designer

Bea Feitler portrait
Bea Feitler portrait

Bea Feitler is a Brazilian designer who studied at Parsons School of Design, in New York and made relevant art and design work, especially in the world of fashion magazine covers. When she was just 25 years old, Feitler started working at Harper’s Bazaar as a creative co-editor, where she had the amazing experience of working with big names such as photographers Richard Avedon, Hiro, Bill King, and Diane Arbus. After some time, she quit working at Harper’s Bazaar and joined a magazine called MS, which was one of the first editorial magazines to inject very relevant discussions about feminism, sexual assault at workspaces, abortion, and gender equality into editorial journalism.

One of the magazine covers she collaborated with is considered the best magazine cover from the last 40 years. It is the cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, with a picture that was taken on the day Lennon died. The cover is a Rolling Stone from January 1981. Unfortunately, Feitler died in April of 1982, at the age of 44 from Cancer, ending a historical period of her brilliant work.

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